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The following is a list of CCS Inc. policies regarding Slitting, Storage, Shipping and Receiving, Pricing, and Payment.


  • CCS Inc. will make every effort to report material defects, i.e.(rust, stains, scratches, pitting) however CCS Inc. will not be held liable for ANY non-slitting defects in "customer provided material" including grade, type, hardness, or finish.

  • CCS Inc. will make every effort to maintain surface integrity on surface critical material but will not be liable for any unprotected, i.e. (PVC coating) customer provided material.

  • All processes produced by CCS Inc. will only be provided with WRITTEN instructions, no processes including slitting, transfers, or releases will be provided verbally.


  • CCS Inc. does not provide long term storage (storage rates may apply). Any material left at CCS Inc. over sixty (60) days may be subject to $0.50/cwt per month storage, plus applicable in/out rates.

  • Any material shipped out without processing will be subject to a $1.50/cwt handling fee plus applicable storage rates. (A $50 minimum charge may apply).

  • CCS Inc. will not be liable for any storage induced defects in materials.

  • Any material held at CCS over six [6] months will be billed at $2.00/cwt (Slit, Unslit, or as is) and will also be subject to IN/OUT charges of $1.50/cwt. Billing dates will be June 1st and December 1st. annually.

  • All material processed at CCS Inc. must be picked up within thirty (30) days or be subject to storage fees.


  • All incoming and outgoing material must be delivered or picked up during CCS Inc.'s normal business hours, any early or late shipments by appointment only.

  • All incoming material provided to CCS Inc. should be accompanied by a detailed packing list or may be subject to a $1.00/cwt administration fee.
  • CCS Inc. provides a B/L# for all processed material, this number must be submitted by ALL including any third party transportation companies for verification of shipment.


  • All processing at CCS Inc. is quoted on incoming weight and is F.O.B. CCS Inc. All scrap is property of CCS Inc.

  • All prices are provided by the information given by the customer, any discrepancies are subject to requote.


  • All CCS Inc. processing is provided with forty five (45) days net payment, any overdue accounts will result in hold of any in-house processing, expediting and material may be held for payment.

  • Net forty five (45) days starts when material is ready for pick up (B/L# will be faxed or e-mailed)

  • All first time orders are C.O.D.

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